The Red River Gang

The Red River Gang
3 piece country band with a twist.
Coming to a dodgy saloon in Cornwall near you soon.

Mr Gillard...Geetar...Vocal...Bass Drum
Mr Eyres...Geetar...Vocal
Mr Dawes...Upright Bass...Vocal

The band's first gig is a wedding anniversary party 
on Sat 3rd August in deepest Devon. 

This is their first club gig Saturday 31st August.

'YOU CAN'T ALWAYS GET WHAT YOU WANT' Live in Gerry's studio 21.6.19.

IKO IKO/TEQUILA Live in Gerry's studio 14.6.19.

First run through of Andy Green in Gerry's studio 14.6.19.

Gerry wrote this tune to celebrate the life of his good friend Andy Green who sadly passed away on 14th October 2017

Mercedes Benz, live in Gerry's studio 7.6.19.

Gerry's Tanglewood acoustic guitar sound

Listen to The Red River Gang's first rehearsal in Gerry's Studio 24.5.19.